Merry Christmas and thank you to students, teachers and parents who attended our Christmas Concert at Silverspire. We have had many people who have stopped in and said what a wonderful time they had at the concert.

A special thank you to Dave Tufford . Shendel Rogers, Cailie Paul. Evan Dim , Dexter Sonier and the rest of the group for the uplifting performance of Christmas in Killarney. Special thanks to Corey and Antel for their special groups with the young six and seven year old students for their performances of We three Kings and Jingle bells. Hawaiian Christmas with the young ukulele groups was outstanding. Anne Vogt with her choir performing Old Fashion Christmas and I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony also had the audience joining in the performance. Gia-Steven- and Allison did the Carol; of the Bell on Violin which was amazing and Gia performed a Concerto as well for the audience on Violin which was brilliant .

Piano-singers-Guitars Violin solos and the rest of our staff were very professional and showed their dedication to the art of music and to their musical education which they are receiving by our outstanding staff.

We Wish you a Very Merry Christmas from Ryson’s!