GREAT NEWS!!!Our Eddy Finn Ukulele Valentine’s Special sold out….BUT a new Eddy Finn shipment has just arrived. You can learn to be a Minnow, or a Finn with our Eddy Finn special for Valentine’s Day. We’re offering these amazingly fun instruments at great prices plus they come with;

A carry bag.
A FREE Ukulele Lesson.

Eddy Finns come in exotic woods and different styles; Tenor, Banjo, Concert, Soprano.
The Eddy Finn Minnow, due to it’s short stature, has the ability to deliver a great big tone anywhere, anytime. It’s available in 6 different colours. Hey, why not pick up a 6 pack for the beach, or join one of the Eddy Finn popular groups for fun and socializing.

So why not join the Eddy Finn lifestyle? Playing an Eddy Finn is like a mini vacation…you start playing and realize you’ve been playing for an hour.

Don’t miss out on our Eddy Finn Valentine’s Special….Call Today to reserve yours!