Daisy Rock Guitars not only look different but are carefully designed for females. Daisy Rock Guitars are in 26 countries and over 6000 stories which Rysons is one.

​The Daisy Rock Slogan is “Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music.”.

Rysons Studio has many female guitar players as well and many of them are in our bands. Actually we have a girl band called the Garden of Eden which plays a lot around town for community events.

Daisy Rock guitars are a lighter weight =slimmer necks and their beauty is more than skin deep they are built for you.

Who Plays Daisy Rock? Many people around the world play Daisy Rock Guitars;
Vicki Peterson of the Bangles plays signature model
l Wanda saw Jackson Queen of Hillbilly Music
Sledge Girls Band (Keiko and Ella)
Olivia Roy Rising Star on America has talent. and many more young artists.

Tish Ciravolo is the inventor of the guitar from California. In 2000 at the Seattle Conference Courtney Love saw the guitar and loved it and even autographed it as well.

Come and visit our Daisy Rock Guitars for a Special Valentine Day 20 percent off at Rysons.​